How you create and compare your RPG character builds with DragnTable

DragnTable helps you to plan and develop your RPG character builds. You can use DragnTable from the start or explore different paths for leveling-up your chars later during their careers.

Create your library

Click on "Add item" to add skills, talents, or other elements from your roleplaying game to the library. You have to set a name for each element. Costs and notes are optional.
If you add an item to a build, it will be automatically added to your library, too.

Drag items to builds

Drag an item from the library to your builds. A copy of the item will be placed in the build. You can drag items between different builds, too. If you hit the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) button after you start dragging an item, the item will be copied to the other build. All items stay linked to each other. You can update them at the same time.
When you drag an element to the library, it will be removed from your build.

Calculating total costs

For each build, the total costs are automatically calculated when you drag and drop your items. You can change your "currency" from XP to whatever you need in the menu at the top by clicking on the coins or "XP".

Edit your items

Click on the feather icon to edit your items. The changes will apply to all copies of this item, in the library and in all libraries where it is present. When you update the costs of an item, the total cost of that build will be automatically updated.

Delete builds and items

With the trash buttons, you can delete builds and items. With the trash button in the top menu, you can clear your whole table. You can remove items from builds with the "x" button. These items will stay in your library so that you can access them later. When you delete and item from the library, this item will be removed from all builds.

Change names of your characters and builds

You can change the title of your table and of your builds by clicking on the respective title.

Use the history

Up to 15 instances of your changes are saved automatically. You can undo the changes by using the undo button in the top menu. You can redo the changes by the redo button.

Save your builds

You can save your tables online by clicking the Save button. When you are working on a table that you have saved before, you will be asked if you want to save it as a new one or update the existing one. You can open your saved files by clicking the Folder button.

Ideas for new features

We are continuously working to improve DragnTable and to add all the features you need for creating and comparing character builds. As a registered user, you can submit and vote on new features.

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