DragnTable: The Ultimate RPG Character Build Planner

Say goodbye to XP waste & Get your best character build for every game

Are you constantly wondering which race, class, skills, and abilities should I choose or searching for the best starting stats for your RPG character? Say goodbye to XP waste and hello to the most powerful character build with DragnTable.

Creating the perfect character build for your RPG characters can be daunting. Whether you’re looking for a good character build for a beginner or aiming for the end-game character build, spending hours on stat charts and balancing skills is a familiar challenge.

Enter DragnTable – your ultimate character build guide. We make it incredibly simple to craft your dream character with a custom list of stats, talents, and skills. Forget the clumsy calculators and spreadsheets; with DragnTable, you get the best character build start every time.

Why DragnTable is Every Roleplayer’s Dream:

Custom Library

Create and store a vast array of skills and talents. Our platform helps you find the supreme build for every roleplaying system.

Drag & Drop

With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, effortlessly compare character builds side by side. Perfect for those seeking character build advice.

Auto Calculations

The total XP cost is automatically updated for your builds as you add and move items, making it the ultimate character build planner and calculator.


Add your own skills, talents, and whatever you like to your lists

By using our customizable library, you can add, edit, or remove skills and talents to fit any RPG system you play. Whether you're aiming for an optimized character build or just exploring, you're not limited by predefined options.

Share your builds with your community

Your character builds, whether they're the perfect character build or tailored for beginners, deserve to be showcased. Share them with friends or the wider roleplaying community.

Regular updates

DragnTable is crafted by roleplayers for roleplayers. Trust that we're always enhancing DragnTable for our community of passionate roleplayers. Stay tuned for our regular updates.

Ready to Craft Your Ultimate RPG Library?

Join the community of roleplayers who are enjoying the freedom of personalized character building and curation. Dive into DragnTable today and let your RPG adventures soar with the best character build!

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